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Products Are The2020-03-04 15:52:26

From Football Cl2018-01-29 09:23:45

Marketing Dealin2017-11-15 09:43:31

Il Vespaio Itali2017-10-06 13:19:17

The Trump Brand2016-02-23 09:51:47

Consumer vs. Sho2015-12-14 11:23:06

Adina Nica

Whether I’m conducting research projects or offering strategy consultancy to our clients, I have one mission: to help companies fulfil their vision by connecting with the consumer TRUTH. I believe that building a relationship with the consumer is only possible with a deep understanding of the human being behind the “consumer”. My specialty studies are Segmentation and Positioning across a 20 year career starting as a researcher at Mercury and Synovate and then on the client side as Research Manager at Raiffeisen Bank.

Exponential Positioning – Solving For X

2012-09-07 11:46:28

People in the real estate business will tell you that the three most important factors to consider are: Location. Location. And location.

    Likewise, the three most important factors in marketing a brand are?

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Products Are The Actors

by Matteo Rinaldi In the last few decades, we have seen a clear shift from simply buying products...

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From Football Club to Lifestyle

Written By Matteo Rinaldi Analysis by Luca Bertocci I’ve had the opportunity recently to work on...

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Marketing Dealing With Nano-Seconds

By Zeynep Ece Coban & Matteo Rinaldi In the last century, we have seen a clear shift in customer...

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Il Vespaio Italia Touch-points Communication Strategy

By Luca Bertocci & Matteo Rinaldi Human Centric Marketing can bring strong results, no matter...

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The Trump Brand

What’s Driving Trump’s Amazing Appeal with American Voters? Whether you are for or against Donald...

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Consumer vs. Shopper – Who is the real target?

In an era where digital is becoming pervasive, online shopping is becoming more and more frequent....

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Human Centric Marketing

As marketers, we like to believe we are consumer centric in everything we do, but the reality is that...

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Anticipation In Marketing – “Winning Without Fighting”

Wayne Gretzky, one of the greatest hockey players of all time once said: “I skate to where...

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The Butterfly Effect – Making Customer Value Everyone’s Job

David Packard, one of the founders of Hewlett Packard, once said that “marketing is too important...

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A Change in Society as Reflected on Facebook

The phenomenal success of “You are from Rimini if” Understanding why people do what they do has...

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The Rise Of Nationalism

Problem or opportunity for marketers? There has been a rise in nationalism across the world over the...

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Exponential Positioning – Solving For X

People in the real estate business will tell you that the three most important factors to consider...

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Sponsorships – Do they really work?

How many times have we seen a football game, Formula 1 race, basketball game or any other sporting...

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Can you feel the … Tension?

American comedian Jerry Seinfeld stated that the architecture of humor is all about digging into a...

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Optimizing Corporate Social Responsibility

These days’ companies are becoming increasingly concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility...

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Value Diagnostics; Getting it right

Imagine the new manager of a Formula One team. His goal has been predetermined with extreme clarity:’...

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Forget ATL and BTL; Think Customer Engagement Instead

We have all heard marketing communications defined as either ATL (Above The Line) or BTL (Below The...

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Balancing the Global/Local Brand Experience

Developing an effective strategy for your brand in the market is tough work. It is even tougher to...

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The Dr. House Of Marketing

We all know Dr. House; the guy we love to hate. The famous TV-character who turns the rules upside...

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Are category influencers really important? For Apple: Yes.

In May 2011 Apple took over the throne from Google as being the most valued brand in the world. There...

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